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What are Question Sets?

When a Client gives you feedback on their progress there are generally questions their Coach will ask...

  • How is your strength?
  • Are you resting enough?
  • Are your workouts too easy?
  • etc etc
.These questions will differ from Client to Client. Male Clients looking to increase strength will need to give their Coach different feedback to a female looking to drop weight and increase fitness.

This is where Question Sets come into play. After creating a Question Set, Coaches are then able to add Questions into the Question Set.

Once created, Question Sets can then be assigned to Clients. Multiple Clients can be assigned to the same Question Set. This is handy for having Question Sets for types of Clients, such as male Clients looking to increase strength, or women looking to get ready for a competition.

When Clients check-in with a progress update, if they have a Question Set assigned to them, the Questions from within that Question Set (assigned to them) are presented. The answers they give will be sent along with the progress photos the Client attaches.

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As a Coach, if I change a Question Set (such as add, remove or edit a question) will this change for all Clients assigned to the Question Set?

In the future, for all Clients assigned - yes. But, as you would expect, it will not alter previous check-ins.

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How many Question Sets and Questions can be created?


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How many Clients can be assigned to a Question Set?


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If a Client has no assigned Question Set, what do they see when they check-in?

They will not see any Questions, just the ability to upload progress photos. Question Sets are not an absolute requirement, just a useful tool available.

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