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What is TheFitnessPortal

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It's a new online website/app which allows fitness coaches and personal trainers to coach and manage their clients, and their clients to be coached and reach their fitness targets.

In days of old, inefficient email and messaging systems are used by coaches and clients.

TheFitnessPortal is the next generation!

Coaches are able to invite their clients to their portal, and then set diet and training plans, interact with messages and also manage check-ins.

Clients are able to access the diet and training plans set by their coach and also check-in (send progress updates) by answering questions set by their coach and update photos.

TheFitnessPortal also contains a Log Book system. When in the gym, clients are able to track their sessions and coaches are then able to ensure progress is being made.

TheFitnessPortal contains ALL of the tools necessary to progress and reach fitness goals, all in one place!

Coming February 1st 2020!

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